Are you guilty of these 5 skin sins?

Skinnity - Are you guilty of these 5 skin sins?

Look, we understand. We're all human and make mistakes. Nobody is flawless.

However, since the skin is the largest organ of the body, we must take care of it as best we can. When it comes to the skin, some faults are more expensive than others, leaving you with dull, broken, and congested skin in dire need of love and treatment.

So what exactly are these skincare offences, and how do you stop them? Let us investigate:

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1. Avoiding double cleansing
If you usually wash your face with a face wipe or a spray of water, this isn't going to make it. This is especially important if you wear a lot of makeup or have dry, combination, or congested skin.

Inadequate washing of the face will hasten the ageing process, result in a dark, exhausted skin, and clog pores, causing breakouts. Your skin, like your hair, needs twice-daily cleansing. Preferably in the morning and at night, but at the very least at the end of the day. Why, you may ask?

Since the first cleanse will break down and dissolve what is on the skin – such as lipstick, sunscreen, sweat, soil, bacteria, and contaminants – it will not actually get deep into your pores to wash out impurities. But that is precisely what the second cleanse will do. Leaving you with well cleansed skin that is able to absorb serums, oils, and moisturisers.

So, take this as your public service announcement and go wash your hands. Just once, but twice!

Tips on exfoliating - Skinnity

2. Ignoring exfoliation or exfoliating excessively
When it comes to exfoliation, there are two types of individuals. Exfoliating infrequently or excessively. They're both about as bad as each other!

Exfoliation is important for maintaining clear, radiant skin. Through extracting all of your dead skin cells, you are assisting your skin in maintaining and improving the normal skin cell regeneration. The best thing exfoliating does for your skin is help your other skincare products to penetrate deeper. As a result, your moisturisers, serums, facial oils, and creams would be much more effective. You are losing out on all of these wonderful opportunities if you are not exfoliating.

Over-exfoliation, on the other hand, may cause skin damage such as sensitivity, redness, dry and dehydrated skin, peeling, and flaking. None of this is healthy for the skin's protection.

So, regardless of the group you belong to, we suggest exfoliating 1-3 days a week for the best performance.

Neck Skin care importance - Skinnity

3. Coming to a halt at the chin
Many of us make the error of believing that if we've nourished our skin, our skincare regimen is complete. However, our neck and décolletage need just as much care.

Since our neck skin contains less oil than our face skin, it is more fragile and resistant to injury. It often gets a lot of sun damage, even without the SPF cover that we offer our faces.

As a result, it is one of the first places to exhibit symptoms of ageing and skin problems. So, if this is one of your skin sins, repeat after us: ‘your face doesn't end before your breasts'.

Skinnity - sulphates damage the skin

4. The use of sulphates
Sulphates should not be used on any part of the body. The biggest culprit is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), which, to be honest, is a very common ingredient in skin and hair care products. SLS is used because of its incredible ability to foam and lather. However, it still has the less-than-ideal ability to:

- Disrupt the PH balance of your skin
- Degrade your skin's capacity to absorb moisture - Deplete your skin's oils, leaving it dry

- Is responsible for sensitive skin and breakouts
As a result, this is one skin sin that can be avoided at all costs. Check the names and ingredients carefully.
We are pleased to inform you that all of our goods are free of sulphates and parabens.

Skinnity - Sleep in make-up harmful side effects

5. Sleeping with lipstick on
This is a simple skin sin to commit. The last thing you want to do after a hard day at work (or a long night out partying) is a skincare regimen. We understand.

Going to bed with your foundation, on the other hand, will clog pores and leave you with a fresh face with breakouts. And it's not just the lipstick that can cling to your face. Many of the soil and toxins that accumulate during the day (and night) will do the same, seeping into your skin as you sleep.

So, for better, more radiant skin, wash your face deeply at night.